We believe the public should

be able to brew and enjoy

a proper cup of coffee

Our Story

We started out with a dealership of Goppion coffee under the company catermetal back in 2013.

Due to the appreciation of the coffee and service we provide we managed to grow and supply multiple cafes in Cyprus.

With background in the catering business and barista training at the Goppion Headquarters we were able to help guide our customers to increase profits and avoid setbacks.

However we knew that Goppion has the potential to gain a reputation in the retail market which is why we partnered with Lelit, an espresso machine manufacturer for home-use and many more brands in order to facilitate as many quality bar equipment for domestic and professional use.

Having done that, we wanted to reach out more to the public so we have established coffeeshopcy in 2022, an online shop where every barista can find what they want provided by quality brands.

Our mission

Our priority is to facilitate people with quality equipment and resources to allow them to brew the best coffee they can.

To do that, we are constantly on the lookout for new coffee equipment that makes the job of the barista easier, we also host free coffee tastings where we also go over basic rules of a correct espresso extraction and give the opportunity to try out our Goppion blends.

Why us?

Having happy customers is a must for us, so we offer solutions for all sorts of problems our customers face. Having catermetal with extensive background in catering on our side we are able to provide installations and servicing of our equipment, as well as temporary replacement of the equipment while it is being repaired.

Having us as your supplier means that very little can go wrong with your equipment and nothing that we can not fix.

Our Brands

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