Decaffeinato Espresso Ground Coffee 70 bags

33.40  incl. VAT


100% Arabica

Selection of vacuum packed exclusive decaffeinated coffee, suitable for all espresso machines

Packaged in small bags 7.15g each making it suitable for an espresso café or office with low demand of decaf coffee.

Caffeine content less than 0.1%

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A decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffee through a process that respects the berry leaving unaltered its organoleptic profile as well as the original coffee aroma. The taste is soft, delicate, and its fine acidity well matches the fruity aftertaste.
Coffee beans are processed with water vapor and then stored into carbon dioxide (CO2). The specific conditions of pressure and temperature produce the fluid state of carbon dioxide, that is supercritical. High-pressure acts as a solvent for the selective removal of caffeine: once eliminated, we obtain a good and pleasant coffee.

A blend of Brazilian and Central American coffees.


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