LELIT GiuliettaX

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A two group-coffee machine with exceptional performance.

Configurable to efficiently meet the need of every professional user.

The machine is versatile, performing, highly reliable and easy to use and maintain.


LELIT Thermal Stability reduces overheating in both groups. The standard brewing temperature can be chosen based on the kind of coffee to be extracted and after 15 minutes of inactivity it is lowered to a user-set value. After a further 240 minutes of inactivity the temperature is lowered thanks to the ECO mode.

Programmable Parameters

The double keyboard of GiuliettaX allows to access the machine’s technical menu that is visible on the big digital LCD display. It is possible to set different extraction modes for each group, allowing also the use of two different coffee blends at the same time. Thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle, the maintenance procedures are easy to execute.

To be operated with ground coffee.

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Technical Features:

  • 2 L58E groups compatible with LELIT58 barista tools
  • Double HX System for group heating with thermosyphon circulation
  • Rotative pump
  • LCD display with black background
  • Possibility to activate pre-infusion, cleaning cycle and water filter change notification
  • Programmable automatic dosing in each group
  • Temperature displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees
  • Operating temperatures programmable thanks to the LTS (LELIT
    Thermal Stability)
  • Dose counter for each group and for single button
  • Active Coffee delivery timer and ECO Mode
  • Double manometer for pump/steam pressure
  • Water supply and direct discharge
  • Stainless steel appliance body with textured cup warmer rack and removable side panels
  • Anti-burn multidirectional steam and hot water wands
  • Double keyboard for coffee delivery
  • Mug friendly
  • Adjustable feet

Delivered With:

  • LELIT58 2-ways portafilter with walnut classic polished black handle and Coffee Slide spout
  • LELIT58 1 dose filter (9-11 g), IMS
  • LELIT58 2 doses filter (14-18 g), IMS
  • LELIT58 blind filter, IMS
  • Plastic tamper
  • 2 Cup racks
  • Small brush with nylon bristles


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